Subject: Budget %'s: search/document delivery costs
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I am a librarian putting together a proposal for a hosptial based LRC for
use in continuing education and staff development.  The LRC has access
priviliges to a small medical library in the same town.  It is not part of
that library nor part of an educational institution.  In my efforts to make
budget projections, I am having difficulty distilling certain information
from the literature.

I am looking for current percentage figures of total budget for

        database searching costs
        document delivery costs


Has anyone had an outreach project/contract to a specific group and can they
give me figures on search/document delivery costs.

Thank you for your assistance,

Cheryl Giles, Librarian
Multicare Health System
315 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
P.O.  Box 5299
Tacoma, WA  98415-0299
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