At 12:28 PM 4/29/97 -0400, Larry Dunham wrote:
>One can never b positive if anit-virus software will catch all virus
Quite true- actually no anti-virus program will ever catch ALL viruses.
However, Dr. Solomon's AVTK is one of the NCSA certified (National Computer
Security Administration)antivirus programs. Certified program must catch
100% of viruses 'in the wild'. (The term 'in the wild' means viruses that
one is likely to run into in the real world.) 

If you suspect an undetected virus, Dr. Solomon's also has a heuristics
mode, which will scan for virus-like activity and help detect an
as-yet-unidentified virus.

>I have Dr. Soloman downloaded on my PC and am
>investigating a method by which this can be automatically run on each Pc
>and the file server. It should be set up so the user cannot disable its
>processing and that it will cause minimal disruption to daily processing. I
>will upgrade Dr. Soloman as new releases become available through the
If you are looking for a method to automate installs/updates from your file
server I may be able to help you out with some suggestions. Please take a
look at and see if that
helps you out any. If you need more info please let me know!

>We need o develop a policy to crrespond with Dr. Soloman so that all
>users understand the need for the anti-virus program to run, and
>prohibiting the disabling of the program.
Right- this is why CIT really wanted to site license a good anti-virus
program, and eliminate the cost barrier,  so that everyone would have
access to anti-virus protection.

Lynne Meeks

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