In 1987 and 1988, Datastorm Technologies (now owned by Quarterdeck)
put out one of the best shareware programs as a "Test Drive" -- called

Today there are some exciting Windows-based versions of PROCOMM PLUS
described at, but they have dropped the DOS version.

I often access the Internet and BBS's via the original PROCOMM PLUS --
it has a very complete dial directory, many terminal emulations,
many file transfer protocols, and a very nice script language called
ASPECT to program PC<==>host interaction.  And it is free.

I have recently used the program to automate getting information from
web pages using LYNX and a PROCOMM script.

There were 2 major flaws in the 1.0 and 1.1 versions:

        1.  While you could choose a port speed of 115kbps -- the
        dialler would only support 19,200.  For today's fast
        modems with compression, 115kpbs is barely adequate for X2

        So I provide a special script that fixes that.

        2.  Interaction with ASPECT was difficult because the DOS
        version lacked an important facility that was added in
        the Windows version call TERMGET.  This facility could watch
        the input and do tests to determine if certain
        text is present. (For web pages it is very handy to detect
        for 401 message pages, etc.)

        So I programmed a TERMGET facility for the DOS version.

I call the kit of tools and facilities the PROCOMM PLUS Revival Kit.

I need feedback before I release this to the major shareware sites.

If you would like to try it out, please e-mail me that you are.  It
would be good to hear back by the middle of June.

You can get copies of PROCOMM PLUS 1.0, PROCOMM PLUS 1.1 and the
revival kit at the following anonymous site:


With WS_FTP simply set the anonymous login option, set the "Remote Dir"
to anonymous.192, and either set the host type to "auto detect" or to

These 3 files are ZIPed, so use binary transfer.

Procomm Plus 1.0  -- PCPLUST1.ZIP
Procomm Plus 1.1  -- PCPLUSTD.ZIP
Revival Kit       -- PCPLUS-R.ZIP

Version 1.0 has better linemode interaction with the modem, but
1.1 has a lot of (obscure) bug fixes.  It's your choice, or you
can try both.

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