All things come to they who wait (patiently). Last night, in the wee
hours, I finished the last revision of the GPQ paper and have in
front of me a map I'll enclose that shows the eastern QEI's and
blocks off the Darling Pen. and labels it "Study Area" (which you can
add to the List of Figures (as I had said it was "enclosed by darl
lines" or something). I also had difficulty with the last part of the
caption for Fig.9 ...can you check it and change it if necessary.
What I have principally done to the paper is one last thorough edit,
in which I think I caught a few more things. I also tried to "soften"
the debate about big vs. little ice in the light of what I have just
submitted (the monster paper) and I also did this by highlighting an
important point that you had made earlier...that there are some
places where sediments are very sparse, which coincide with the lower
valleys where calving was likely very active during initial retreat.
Hence, I have said that such areas caution must be exercised in order
to avoid the misinterpretation that such areas remained ice-free
during the last glaciation....probably has a lot of relevance to
Eureka Sound!!!! Anyway, have a quick read through, do minor
adjustments to Fig. captions 1 (change to "study area" as on enclosed
map) and Fig. 9 (clarify ending?). Then send it off to Pierre R. at
GPQ explaining that we did a lot of revising in the light of the
refrerees comments, new data from adjacent areas which we did not
directly include but didn't want to contradict...blah, blah, blah...
I head north on June 24, to Bjorne Pen, and Eureka Sound with Colm,
Art D., and marek Z. Then over to Cornwall a month later to visit
Scott, then for a final few days on south Devon with Art. Home in
early Aug. for folk festival. Catherine has scored a postdoc at Duke
for next academic year so I am hoping to spend the Jan-April term
down there if I can reaarange my teaching. She's doing the genetic
work on her strong taxonomic base, which few people seem to
combine....Life in flux, but how else is life supposed to be? Sorry
for the delay on the paper Lyn, but I think it works well and the
final fussing makes it more honest given recent developments in my
strange little brain (Dr. Bradley should respect us immensely for our
fine-tuning!). All the best to you, are you south this summer? John