The SkiVt-L poster boy Doug wrote:
>>  6:17 PM EDT MON JUN  9 1997
>> STATION        FLOOD         RIVER                TEMPS       SNOW
>> MT MANSFIELD                                     63  47  60      14
>     I don't think Wesley's prediction will be to close.  I was hoping
>to see some snow when I am in Vermont in 12 days but it should be all
>gone by then except for some patches at Killington.

  There's a picture at:

  Which shows that Killington has more than a few patches of
snow left.  We should note:
   - This photo was take Wednes. June 4th. -  I was there yesterday
(Monday June 9th - see report below) and the cover looks the same.
   - There is a creative camera angle used.  The bottom of the shot
is 2/3rds down the bottom pitch and look closely, you can see the annual
bottom pitch bare spot.  It doesn't encroach much further into the
trail and its because there is a bulge in the ground. Why don't they
recontour the terrain there?

  June 9th trip report:
  I had "business" over towards Rutville on Monday and did a half
day at Killington.  I don't like afternoons this time of the year
   1) Sunburn.  I sweat and hate skin cream goo.
   2) The surface tends to get slushly after noon. (Side note: I
understand that summer skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows is a morning
thing.... any first hand knowledge?).

   For the young'uns in the audience that don't know about Killington
at this time of the year:
   It is one lift and one trail.
   Corn snow bumps (you hear an occasional customer at the ticket
counter in the sports shop asking when do they groom - the answer
is "Next October").
   The ticket price right now is $30 with $10 off if you give then
payed for (not comp.) ticket from an ASC resort after March 1 or so
from this year (the $15 VT day tickets are good).

   So, Yeeeeee-haaawwww big soft corn snow bumps, fast if you want
but with lots of slush for speed control.
   As of Monday June 9th, its still ski on and ski off the lift with
snow cats parked at the top and bottom to push loading/unloading ramp
snow on a daily basis.  Later (maybe by this weekend) there isn't
enough snow and you take you skis off and walk 200 feet to the lift
and put them back on.  Still later, you carry the skiis in your lap,
walk off the lift, and walk 50 feet down the headwall to where
the skiing starts.
   The coverage is close to wall-to-wall.  The headwall trees are
still fine,  The right bottom pitch trees allow for a tree slalom if
you want the gladed feeling.

   When will it rain?  I have to go water our pea patch now ...

  - Randy