Did I miss the piece of mail that announced the
end of the Vermont ski season?

For those of you who do not get the Rutland Herald,
on a daily basis, it is true. Killington has finally closed,
with some fanfare and hooplah. They went longer than
they had for many seasons. I do not have the official word,
but rumor has it that it was the longest season ever.
As it happens, there is still snow on Superstar, but, by
closed, they mean that they are not running the lift for

Of course they are open for mountain biking, and hiking,
(which is fun) but, we await opening day with some great
amount of anticipation. I will keep you posted, as to when
the weather starts looking like they can make snow. For
now, it is time to reverse hibernate, as we await the white

Read with interest, some of the many different activities that
skivt-l'ers enjoy in the off season. Hope everyone stays safe,
and has a pleasant summer.

Yur Humbl Ambasadur
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