Jerry Abramson wrote:
> I don't know
> what anybody says, but no summertime activities compare to true winter
> skiing.  Oh hum.
I ditched work yesterday to go canoeing with my daughter on CTs
Housatonic. The weather was beautiful, the river was beautiful. I kept
thinking, 'I know this is beautiful, but... where's the excitement,
where's the thrill of winter weather? I know some people consider this
as good as it gets (in the 80s, out having fun on the water) and I know
there are amazing water athletes, but it all seems so tame.'

I tried reminding myself that hey, this is the first day of the canoe
season! just like that day with skiing. It just is not the same.

But canoeing aint bad, either. It really was a beautiful day (for
summer). The Hoose is a great green/blue river in NW Conn., with put-ins
that make good 9 or 4 mile (about) trips. We did the short one, which
includes, right at the start, the stretch's biggest rapids--right under
a classic covered bridge. (Most of the longer trip is pretty flat.)
I like treating the river like a loopy downhill, a slalom course without
the speed/race aspect. Laura got contacts this year so all of a sudden
she's really spotting rocks from up there in the bow and doing something
about them. This was our first time down this river without tipping
once. Of course, it helped that the river conditions were pretty gentle
From take-out back to the car is a sweet bike ride right back up along
the river. All in all, a wonderful day,

compared to anything but skiing.