Stephanie H. McConaughy wrote:
> Here's a similar report from the White Mountains.  We climbed Willey, Field,
> and Tom in the Crawford Notch on Sunday (June 15).  There was still ample
> snow in the cols between peaks and obviously snow visible on Mount
> Washington and other Presidentials.  Could see some snow lines in the Gulf
> of Slides.

        I don't think you were looking at the Gulf of Slides.  Since the peaks around
Crawford Notch are to the SOUTHWEST of the Presidentials and the Gulf of Slides are on
the EAST slope, I cannot see how ya' coulda' been at the Gulf of Slides.
        What you were probably looking at was Oakes Gulf.  I understand that there's some
fine skiing there, too, away from the crowds of Tuck's.  Has any SkiVt-Ler skied there
and can provide an in-depth analytical report?

> Usually we go to the Adirondacks, where we have climbed all 46
> over 4,000 feet.

        Congrats.  I'm up to 24, including Couchie (10 miles of this trek in a driving
rain), solos of Tabletop and Cliff and a frightening ascent of the Colden Trap Dike.
Every trip has been a unique adventure - much tougher and more arduous than the New
Hampshire 48's.  I even observed a bit of frozen precip on top of Haystack in AUGUST,
1991.  I went to Marcy/Panther Gorge/Haystack on Memorial Day weekend - 4 to 5 feet of
snow on Marcy and @ 4 corners and saw fresh tracks on the Van Hoevenberg trail.

Mark Renson