While I'm not an attorney, it seems as if you are dealing with two
different questions.  One would be the status of the term "grinet" as a
registered trademark.  (By the way, registered with whom and as what could
be pertinent questions.)  The other is the status of "" as a
legal domain.
As I understand it, federal trademarks are registered according to type of
service.  I doubt the Gas Research Institute would provide the same
services as GRINet.  In addition, if the UK decision on domain names as
"first come, first served" stands, the gas company would have missed the
Since you may be entering uncharted waters, it may be worthwhile to have a
consultation with an attorney familiar with trademark issues.  Personally,
I wouldn't necessarily recommend a county attorney for that, but you may
want to touch base with them as well.

Good luck,

Daniel C. Williams, M.L.
Automation Specialist
Greenville County Library

From: George Brockenbrough <[log in to unmask]>
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Date: Saturday, June 07, 1997 6:52 PM
Subject: Advice Needed

We are a fledgling community network that has been up for about six
months. We think that we are about to get the hang of how to make a
difference in our small community and our name is becoming recognized in
this area.

I recently got a terse message from a commercial site informing me that
the word "grinet" is a registered trademark of the Gas Research
Institute and to please refrain from using it. We chose to call
ourselves GRINet (Greenwood Regional Information NETwork) since we serve
Greenwood County (SC) and were issued the URL of by

What should we do now? I feel that the URL is OURS, but how does that
relate to the trademark? GRI uses the term GRI/NET and is certainly not
in the same "business" that we are in.  Can someone point me to the spot
where these questions are addressed? We certainly can't afford to pay
for a lot of research and/or litigation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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