>  1. New Information Technology Planning Task Force
>Date:    Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:17:32 -0400
>From:    Roger Lawson <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: New Information Technology Planning Task Force
>        {Please accept our apologies for multiple postings}
>A new IT Planning Task Force has been formed. For information regarding
>this planning effort see

Okay, here's a few comments:

1.  Didn't we already do this only two years ago?  The committee charge
sounds almost identical to that of the Information Technology Strategic
Planning Committee of 1994-95.  In going through the committee membership,
it appears to be (with a few exceptions) the same cast of characters as
that committee.  If you seat a committee with mostly the same list of
people two times in a row, do you expect to get different conclusions?

2.  Is this committee part of the planned revision process for the original
Strategic Plan?  Or, are we starting all over again?  If yes, was I
completely wasting my time two years ago?  Granted Information Technology
sets the benchmark for pace of change but scrapping a year's worth of hard
work to simply start over sounds very inefficient.

3.  What happened to the old plan?  We never heard a status report on the
implementation of the original strategic plan.  The ITEC committee was
formed, what did they accomplish?

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