Foolish me did not place the nitrgen articles I mentioned in a previous
email to ISOGEOCHEM, and have been swamped by requests for them. As a
result I have now included them in this email, included one new one.


Talbot, M.R. & Johannessen, T. (1992). A high resolution palaeoclimatic
record for the past 27,500 years in tropical West Africa from the carbon
and nitrogen isotopic composition of lacustrine organic matter. Earth &
Planetary Science Letters 110:23-37.

Holmes, M.E., Schneider, R.R., M"uller, P.J., Segl, M. & Wefer, G. (1997).
Reconstruction of past nutrient utilization in the eastern Angola Basin
based on sedimentary 15N/14N ratios. Paleoceanography 12:604-614.

Wu, J., Calvert, S.E. & Wong, C.S. (1997). Nitrogen isotope variations
in the subarctic northeast Pacific: relationships to nitrate utilization
and trophic structure. Deep-Sea Research I 44:287-314.




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