Dear Koba,

Although I haven't worked specifically with stored nitrogen samples, I have
used several gas-storage methods which may be of some help.

For years, I've used Wheaton's glass serum vials capped with the gray
teflon-faced septa and sealed with crimped aluminum tear-off caps (you can
pull the middle of the cap off for a sample port without compromising the
seal). They seem to provide a more reliable seal than the rubber stoppers
(which sometimes leak). Also, you may want to check into "Vacutainers"
which seem to hold gases quite well, are durable and inexpensive.

As a BIG caution for you, they are shipped with a couple hundred Torr of
nitrogen in will have to evacuate them. As far as degassing of
the stopper, it was not a problem for CO2, but others in ISOGEOCHEM may
have advice for nitrogen?

Hope this helps,

William P. Patterson
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