Dear Readers,
        Sorry for the multiple messages people will receive by my sending
this to three lists.

        Please respond directly to me if any of you are interested.

        EIChroM makes and or resells resins.  A few years back they started
to carry Cation and Anion exchange resins, i.e. AG1-x8 and 50W-x8 etc.
They do not currently stock 50w-x12 in any mesh size.  Many of us still use
50w-x12 in Hydrogen form at the 200-400 mesh size to separate Sr and/or the
REE's for TIMS analysis.  They would consider carrying the resin if a
demonstrated market could be shown to them.  They do not make these cation
and anion exchange resins themselves.  They purchase in bulk from Dow, and
then turn around and extensively clean the resin before marketing it
themselves.  They also sell their resins for considerably less than BioRad.
        Would any of you be interested if EIChroM begain to market 50w-x12


ps. I'm already fully aware of EIChroM's Sr Spec, and other dedicated
resins, and I do use them now for certain applications.  However, I still
need the 50w-x12 resin.


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