Along the same vein as Jim Hendry's inquiry, I'm looking for the same kind
of information, but restricted to the estuaries in Rookery Bay National
Estuarine Research Reserve, Naples, FL.  I know of no groundwater geochem
studies for the area.  Thanks for any thoughts.

Jim:  I was able to get rainfall data for this part of the world from the
NOAA Climate Center, SE office (803-737-0849 or 803-737-0800).  You can
also try their national office at 704-271-4800.  The data for the Naples
area goes back to 1948.  As far as details concerning temporal and spatial
changes in water properties (e.g., T, salinity, pH, dissolved O, etc.) you
can contact Mike Shirley or Todd Hopkins at Rookery Bay NERR, 300 Tower
Road, Naples, FL  34113, 941-417-6310 (I don't have their emails handy).
They're data goes back at least 10 years.  They don't have any isotope
data, though -- that's what I'm working on and my project only started in
June.  Hope this helps.


On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Jim Hendry wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Is anyone out there aware of any published records of estuary and/or
> coastal lagoon hydrochemistries - including d18O, d13C (of TDC) and
> salinity variations, spatial and temporal? I'm looking for examples of
> seasonal changes in different hydrodynamic and climatic settings to model
> (roughly!) isotopic trends from ancient marginal marine shells. Monthly
> records would be best - quarterly would still be useful. I have a gut
> feeling that some such data will exist somewhere within the hydrological
> and environmental literature?
> If complementary atmospheric humidity and d18O records were also available
> it would be really great - but I suspect that's too much to hope for!
> Any suggestions will be gratefully received,
> Cheers,
> - Jim
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