On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, David McMurtrey wrote:

> My apologies to this group for taking up so much bandwidth in attempting
> to communicate with Vigdor.  Besides, I've been neglecting my "garbage
> dump" and really need to get back to it.

  In your eager desire to validate the Capitalist empire and the
  latest brainstorm for profiting through destructive technology,
  I don't suppose you have ever considered the realities of life in
  American communities.  Take a walk to any school in American,
  where our future lies, and you take your life into your hands.
  The instruments of death and destruction are what many children
  bring in their lunch boxes, rather than an apple for the teacher.
  Child homicide is the big growth industry among this population
  of future Capitalists, children killing children or firebombing
  their grandmothers, for lack of an adequate environment in which
  to dream of a safe and happy future.

  Your snikering dismissal of my attempt to discuss these realities
  is the tragic mindset of denial, until death.

I guess democracy really is a
> messy business, isn't it?  And nowhere can that be seen any clearer than
> here ... heh

  There is no democracy in this land.  It was a dream destroyed by
  corporate American in the last century.  What we have is a war
  of all against all.  Unless, that is, you consider Mr. Clinton
  and Mr. Gingrich the true heirs of Jefferson and Madison, but I
  won't accuse you of that deceit.

> Go in peace Vigdor :)
> David McMurtrey

  I am searching for the way to social peace
  and happiness, while you are following the
  marketplace gang, Mr. McMurtrey, right down
  the old well traveled black hole.


> On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Vigdor Schreibman - FINS wrote:
> >   There are a lot of people connected to the technology, just like
> >   the wide scope of connetions to television broadcasting, and the
> >   outcome is a chaotic "wasteland"; this is not the building of
> >   genuine "community" by any stretch of the imagination.  Its just
> >   the same old business garbage dump repeated over and over again,
> >   each turn of which enriches the super rich and empoverishes
> >   everyone else.  Look around.
> >
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