Here's a good list of resources that begin to address online facilitation
and conferencing thanks to Amy Eunice and Lisa Kimball at Metasystems
Design in DC.

Charlotte Hunter's new organization which is called The Virtual Team.

Notes on Going Virtual, by Ray Grenier & George Metes

Communities of Practice: A Review of the Literature
This site has a review of the literature on Communities of Practice and
some other useful links to related articles and sources.

The Fun Factor in Groupware Design and Implementation
Introduces the idea of building groupware systems which are supportive
of collaborative learning, decision-making and creativity.

Check out Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz's website. It's loaded with great
stuff. Note particularly the paper, Humanizing Distributed Electronic
Meetings_(March 1995)

Here's the outline for how we tried to lead the online course on
Conferencing: Virtual Facilitation Training Outline

Fostering Reflective Dialogues for Teacher Professional Development