Aloha to all!

Maika`i no (outstanding), Madeline, your own perseverance and growth in this
wild and woolly process!...  I have communicated to you my continuing support
and I have not bothered you with what has been for me (until this morning)
a fairly personal and incidental frustration.

And, as I privately posted to Amy, who knows what we all may yet create as we
put our minds to it!

Call my rant what you will, Madeline, yet my beef ain't wid you...

I did notice that at least you and 10 others actually went to the
TCFN site to look at my modest biz model offerings.

Nor have any of us stopped developing and discussing these issues--
just not on the list...

E kala mai ia`u (excuse me) for any insult taken from my remarks this too early
morning.  Intellectual laziness was, I thought, something we all accepted--
with all appropriate dissembling.

We disagree, however, on whether it's the negativity or the vision which is
amorphous.  Perhaps we can agree to disagree about whether it matters, yet.

A hui hou (until next time)!
Ho`okipa Network of Hawaiian CBO's
Taroist CBO's just do it...  What it is is up to us...