One uddah one...

Let me take this opportunity to express a special aloha for David Woolley,
a godfather of conferencing tech, for all his kokua (cooperation) over the years
and especially in establishing the AFCN chat space.  I pushed hard for this, and
found his timely guidance especially helpful in creating an opportunity for in
depth discussion.

We are blessed to have David on this list.

Especially after the VirtCivNet experience, I was enamored of the Caucus
software, and still think it is worth the extra time to come up to speed on it.

And, even what some ogre called a "half-baked, vanilla-flavored AFCN"
(who dat?) will need a good chat space!


One of the things that emerged from back channel chat with Amy is a sense
of vast community networking experience off-web by list participants...
Maybe we could find a time and place to all share experiences about this
at some point...

Ho`okipa Network of Hawaiian CBO's
Taroist CBO's just do it...  What it is is up to us...