I received some requests for the information I share with our
     staff and I thought I would pass it along if it might interest others.

     I get MMWR e-mailed in ASCII text to me on Fridays and pass that along
     to my group via e-mail.
     I also enjoy "My Virtual Reference Desk"
     which brings me Ari's "Today Page"  which I share with my group.

     I also keep close tabs on Reuters Medical News which I will now have
     to pay for.

     I have Point Cast on my computer and pass along news of interest as
     well. These are all items I keep up with and share on a daily basis.

     I also have a group of doctors that have given me their private e-mail
     address and I send the same information to them.

     Our Florida statutes are also on line and it seems as if I am always
     downloading something and sending it along.

     I hopes this helps.

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