I will fax a copy of this article to the first 10
people who want
it. I can then post a list of these names to the list.
If some of
those people will in turn do the same (chain letter
perhaps everyone who wants a copy can get
one quickly.

I thought about scanning it and putting it on our
web site, but
I am concerned about copyright.

Judy Levine, Librarian
Ottawa General Hospital Library
501 Smyth Road, Ottawa ON   Canada   K1H
(613) 737-8530   Fax (613) 737-8521
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You can't tell which way the train went by looking
at the

Please include me on your fax/Email for the
DeVita Chemotherapy Error Report--many

Jane Saltzman
St. Mary's Health Care Services
3700 Washington Ave
Evansville IN  477750
812-485-4151 (V)
812-485-7564 (F)
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