Try contacting the Delta Society: 289 Perimeter Rd., Renton WA
98055-1329; ph 800-869-6898; email [log in to unmask]  They help
facilities set up animal therapy programs.

Julie Stielstra MLS   [log in to unmask]
Health Resource Library
Northwest Community Healthcare
Arlington Hts IL 60005

From:  Jo-Anne Aspri[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
Sent:  Monday, October 06, 1997 1:22 PM
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Subject:  ?Resident Pet programs in gen hosp

I am in the midst of searching through the usual print and web resources
for leads on this search, but thought meanwhile posting to this list
might be productive.

I'm looking for GENERAL/COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, in-patient "resident pet
programs," specifically a hospital program that we might contact to
discuss pros and cons, etc. In particular, we are interested in using
pets in an inpatient rehab context, however if your hospital uses pets
in a geriatric, psych, or peds (etc.) unit where the pets are a more
integral part of the unit, that is what we are looking for. I have found
some Rehab hospital websites, and pet therapy in outpatient or community
rehab programs, and pets who visit once or twice a week, etc. and
although helpful, these are not quite what we are looking for.

If you have, or know of, such an in-hospital, resident pet program,
pleasereply to me-- and thanks!

Jo-Anne Aspri
Library Director
Kent Hospital
Warwick, RI

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