If anyone uses the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati for DOCLINE, please be aware
that beginning Monday November 3rd, we will be unavailable for interlibrary
loans.  We are relocating the hospital and will be closed for moving.  We will
have a new mailing address, telephone, and fax number which according to the
Greater Midwest office should appear on ILLs.  Our LIBID will not change.

The new address:
The Jewish Hospital
Health Sciences Library & Resource Center
4777 E. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
phone:  513-745-5173

We will be moving away from Cincinnati's 'pill hill' area to our suburban
hospital about 11 miles outside of the heart of Cincinnati.  The Jewish
Hospital has had a long history of service in the Cincinnati metropolitan
area.  I have very mixed feelings about our move.  On one hand I am excited
about our new facility.  On a personal and professional level, I am very sad
to leave my colleagues who are so close, some just across the street.

We are  anticipating that our computers will be reconnected by 11/17.  Since
the entrie hospital is moving, this date is not firm.  Patient care areas have
first priority for any work during the move.

For any of you who worked at Jewish Hospital library or in the Cincinnati
area, the entire hospital is closing.  A closing ceremoney is set for November

Lisa McCormick
The Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati