How about castrati and wet nurses?

Not to mention milkmen and Fuller brush men, and others who sold

And all those recyclers of previous times: renderers, tinkers,
rag-and-bone collectors and night soil collectors.

Not to mention older technology: horologists, hourglass makers, chariot
and crossbow makers.

And people who were replaced by machines or corporations: milliners,
millers, lacemakers, photograph tinters.

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Margo Coletti wrote:

> Elevator operators?
> On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Jacqueline Jacobs wrote:
> > Can anyone help please. I have been asked about obsolete professions,
> > careers, jobs, crafts, etc and my mind has just gone a complete blank.
> > Any ideas - many thanks > >