Hello Medlib-l Community,

I'm currently in the midst of making minor changes to medlib-l at buffalo.  This
doesn't affect traffic or long term use of medlib-l.  However, it does prevent you
from changing the status of your personal subscription WHILE I'm working on the
list.  You know sub/unsub, nomail/mail digest/nodigest, etc.

Should you receive a message that medlib-l is LOCKED during the day.  Please forward
the request to me at [log in to unmask] and I will make the appropriate changes when
I'm done.  I will be done by the end of the day, 10/31/97

Thank you and sorry for the inconvienence.
(No this is not a trick)

/#: Frederick Friedman-Romell
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/#: Majordomo/email administrator
/#: 6 North Michigan Ave
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