I download my searches and then convert them into a WordPerfect file
     to print.  That would make it easy to e-mail as an attached file.

     Cecelia Delbridge
     Baptist Health Systems
     Jackson, MS
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Subject: E-Mailing Results of Medline Printouts
Author:  <[log in to unmask]> at Internet
Date:    10/31/97 10:02 AM

Each month we fax a printout of articles published by Louisville
physicians to the journal Louisville Medicine for publication in a column
called "Physicians in Print."  Last month our contact person at the
society which publishes the journal asked if we could e-mail her our
results instead of faxing them.  Have any of you e-mailed the results of
Medline printouts?  Even though we have OVID in house, I use NLM for these
searches so I can get the most current listings.  However, if I have to
use some other MEDLINE source in order to be able to e-mail the results, I
don't mind doing that.  The references selected must contain all the
authors, the address field, title and source.  We do have a scanner here
in the Library if that would help.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks so much.

Ann Schaap
Alliant Health System Medical Library
P.O. Box 35070
Louisville, KY  40232
Phone (502) 629-8127   FAX (502) 629-8138
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