Sorry, I just sent a message, and the site I was trying to share was placed
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if you missed it in the first one.

Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, MS, MA

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Date: Wednesday, October 29, 1997 12:13 PM
Subject: Shark Cartilage for cancer (fwd) - Scandinavian

Here is a request for a doctor in a Scandinavian country who has
experience with an alternative therapy for cancer, specifically using
Shark Cartilage.  I am appealing to our international list members who may
have some light to shed.  Notice I reserve other commentary. The "Home
Page on Shark Cartilage" to which she refers is a page of links I have
collected for the Michigan Electronic Library at this address:
I have deleted the personal name at the end of the message.
Please read on --- >>>

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 23:25:57 +0100
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Subject: Shark Cartilage for cancer

Hello !
As far as I understand, you are listed as a librarian on the Homepage for
Shark Cartilage.
I have a friend here in Oslo, Norway with breast-cancer who is now getting
slowly worse. She has bought Shark Cartilage from a Danish doctor. She has
several times tried to contact him for more information and preferably a
consultation. She has got no response. Now, do you know of any doctor in
Scandinavia who has experience with this and whom she can contact, or
anybody elsewhere in Europe or anywhere who could take a telephone
consultation with her ??
She speaks very good English.
Thank you, if you please could answer this or tell me who to get further
information from.