>At 8:11 AM -0500 11/17/97, Dean Williams wrote: >>I note that you were working from I can see your home info >>using Eudora Pro here at UVM (as long as I "return all"). Could it be due >>to the "on campus" restriction documented at >>http://cit.uvm.edu/www/WebPhHelp.html ? >> > > That appears to be the case. Thanks for figuring it out! Should we add >the TGN address range to the allowed access to CSO? There is a wide variety of information which has been closed out of domains which do not begin with 132.198. These disenfranchised domains include TGN and Fletcher-Allen/vtmednet There is an equally wide variety of mechanisms used to enforce these restrictions: WebPh uses a WebPh.conf configuration file Many UVM web pages on www.uvm.edu use the .nsconfig file mechanism Some independent server operators may have incorporated other server specific mechanisms Banner and HRS ? I dunno. Most of these mehanisms use very simple "Allow/Deny [IP address range]" configurations. It would be useful if someone who knowws (Network Services?) could provide a regularly maintained list of "UVM inclusive" addresses. This issue will become much more complex as UVM attempts to "enhance the learning environment outside the classroom, facilitate wider access to Internet connection beyond the institution, and investigate high speed alternatives for off-institution network access." | Wesley Alan Wright <<[log in to unmask]> | | Academic Computing Services __0__ | | Room 238 Waterman Building / \ | \ | | University of Vermont \77 http://mole.uvm.edu/~waw/ | | Burlington, Vermont 05405-0160 USA. \\ http://mole.uvm.edu/skivt-l | | Voice:802-656-1254 FAX:802-656-0872 vv |