Got to ski with my friend E for the first time on Saturday and
fortune smiled upon us with a nice batch of natch for the day.  I'd guess
probably 6+ inches of natural, but it was tough to call since I basically
stayed "on trail"; still too thin for the woods.  Burlington got a nice
coating with nearly 6 inches at my place and it really made for a happy
Saturday morn with snow from door to door :)  Arrived at the 'bush at
around 8:30 (missed the lift lineup) and headed right up to Heaven's gate
after a quick run down Downspout.  The powder on the sides was fairly
well chewed up already, but the groomed slope was beautiful; neither ice
nor rocks.  Caught a few runs with some follow the leader and the left
side of downspout started building some contour.  At around 10:30 or so,
went to the bottom for a quick snack and when we returned


There were tons of people.  It was almost funny the way in the span of 30
min., the slope had become packed wall to wall AND formed bumps all over
the place.  E was a bit bummed at the appearance of bumps and crowds (not
exactly the time to LEARN bumps with so many human obstacles) but we
scored a few more runs before calling it a day.  Snowed most of the time
we were there and as we left.  All in all a nice day with great snow.  A
few rocks had poked through by 1:30 or so over in the leftside bumpline,
but not too serious of a problem.

Snowed some more Saturday night, with maybe 2-3 more inches on my car in
Burlington; oh snow god thou art so good to us :)

Sunday went to Stowe for a few runs and the first thing I noticed (aside
from the fact that it was still snowing) was the ice on the trail.  Ack!
I went to Stowe to try a bit of carving with the Betacarves, assuming it
wouldn't bump up as much bu geez, what a difference in snow texture.  I'm
sure Stowe is working on building a solid base or something, well,
mission accomplished.  There were those big ol' snowmakin' snow packs of
ice that take up the center of the trail, you know the ones that people
come up to and decide to slide sideways down simply because they are
nasty lookin.  Well, the betacarves held a nice edge, but after a quick
run it was back to the premieres for some trailside turns in the soft
snow.  Crowds were much less than yesterday at the bush, but I'd almost
take the crowds if I could have their snow.  Unless something crazy
happened Saturday night to turn Stowe to Ice, I can only assume it was
like that on Sat.  Sugarbush won on manmmade snow quality this weekend hands
down.  Fortunately there was natural at both places.  i guess that there
is something to that "signature snow"