I just wanted to add my plaudits to Michelynn's... I do the same as she
stated, and can honestly say that the benefits are beyond price... We have a
lot of student nurses who use the library and their constant cry is for an
article on whatever RIGHT NOW! And Physicians want review articles STAT!
Using the local holdings options is the only thing that has kept me sane! It
is worth EVERY minute of time put into it, and it takes hardly any time to
update monthly. Don't hesitate! Run! Get the person who knows the journal
collection best to set up the parameters, and the rest can be done by less
skilled personnel if necessary. I use basic messages like "SMH currently
subscribes" or "Published in Foreign language" or the standard "Not held by
SMH - borrowing might cost"!



At 12:30 PM 11/5/97 -0600, you wrote:
>We use the "Local Holdings Message" and the Local Holdings hedge
>(so users can limit their searches to local holdings, if they
>wish) ... and WE LOVE IT. It's one of the top reasons we use
>It took a few hours to set up initially -- and  some regular
>maintenance after that. We built that into our regular update
>procedures to our journal holdings.
>Michelynn McKnight
>Norman Regional Hospital

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