Just want to add that Gretchen Hallenberg provided and very good detailed
"how to".  I am adding a note of caution:  Don't get too detailed with
the Local Messages, since after a while it get "hairy".  For stuff that
_might_ be availalbe in-house(offices, conference rooms) it might be best
justto put in a criptic message such as "ask librarian".  We leave the
ones we don't have blank, no messages.  users catch on fast.

The "stinker" is when they run searches on other databases and bring it
in, sometimes with the others' local messages (in our case, Northwestern
University's) and do not know if we own it or not.  We make secretaries
sit at the terminal and re-run the UI or whatever, and check themselves.
It's good training and pays off even if they grumble.

This is also where a OVID is worth the costs.

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