Hello Cindy Robertson,
Have you taken a look at the HealthWeb Radiology site from Indiana
University's Ruth Lilly Library?  Here's the URL:

Michael Simmons, MLIS
100 Library
Michigan State University
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Subject:        Radiology Sources on the "Net

Dear colleagues,
The radiology department has asked for Internet sites specific to
radiology.  I did a few general searches and tried various medical sites
but can not seem to locate anything.  Does anyone have any ideas about
where I should look to find this information?  If you know of any
radiology sites and would be willing to share, please send them directly
to my e-mail address.

Thanks in advance for any help and for being such a great source of
support and information.

Cindy Robertson, MLS
The Medical Center, Beaver, PA 15009
Voice 412.773.1940          FAX    412.728.7429
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