One of our professors has an unusual problem  with several of very valuable
textbooks in his office and I'm hoping someone out there can give some
suggestions how to solve it!!

He has a multiple volume set of hardbound books with dark blue dye that are
being "eaten" away.  I've looked at them and don't see any evidence of a
bug or insect.  His office is very humid and I think it is a fungus or mold
of some kind.  What's weird is that it is only effecting the blue dyed
books.  We are trying to get it analyzed by the Micro department--no word
from them yet.

My question is:   What do we do to rid the books of this "disease"?   Any

Thanks for any help you can give us!!!


Ms. Jerry Stuenkel, Director
Library Services
American University of the Caribbean
  School of Medicine
St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
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