The Lawrence Review of Natural Products is now called simply the Review of
Natural Products. It's our first choice to look for information on natural
products....its monographs on natural products summarize the research done
on a particular product, with complete documentation. Well worth the

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On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Gary Littlefield wrote:

> Hi Fellow Medlibbers
> Sorry it has taken so long to get back to the list. I had several people
> seeking the results of my inquiry on a source of information for a guide
> to herb & drug interaction. One I encountered was Time-Life Medical's
> book entitled the Drug and Natural Medicine Advisor. Others that were
> brought to my attention by the generous members of this list include an
> official German herbal / homeopathic pharmacopeia, translated into
> English the contributor did not have the exact title. The MMWR was also
> mentioned as a resource for the results of drug and herbal interaction.
> Another medlibber provided this citation as a possible resource:
> Patient Care, October 15; 31(16): p. 48-77 "herbal medicine: what works,
> what's safe." One resource mentioned by numerous contributors was the
> following:
>         Facts & Comparisons:
>         800-223-0554
>         $175.00 (monthly monographs)
> My thanks to all those who provided me with the help for which I asked.
> Gary Littlefield, MLS
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