Elena, Thank you for your response to my query.  I did suggest at some
point in the interview process that I could login from home once or twice,
on the days that I'm not in (I live 50 minutes away from the hospital) to
field queries, and if something rush comes up, do a search from home and
e-mail a response.  I can do that with the academic library position I'm
now in, though I never need to.  The hospital people weren't sure this
would be possible, although they assured me that "most" of their doctors
were online.  Their medline access is online - wouldn't this be possible?

Anyways, it's all theoretical at this point.

Thanks again, Elena.

Janice in Lennoxville, Quebec

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, elena hartmann wrote:

> In my experience, hospitals tend to feel that only people with hospital
> experience can do a good job in a hospital.  Probably administration
> feels that it is going to take some time before you are familiar with
> the way they function.
> Perhaps if you can convery that you understand that service rendedred
> immediately is essential and, that even though the position pays for 24
> hours a weeek you will not quit work on the dot (depending on the work
> load of the day), they will come around to meeting your expectations.
> My answer doesn't tell you anything about the going rate in Vermont but
> I hope it can help you with your negotiations.
> Elena Hartmann