On a more optimistic note, wouldn't it be great if we could influence
the producers of such shows in a positive way to incorporate our
function into the plot lines?  We know what we do, hopefully doctors and
nurses know what we do, but our function may be transparent to those not
in the medical community.

What a tremendous opportunity we have to influence the media prior to
our 100th anniversary - why not take advantage of it?  MLA or NLM should
be in contact with the producers of such shows.  Mabye we need a "press

Just a thought (and not original at that!)

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> Subject:      Why Such a Fuss Over ER???
> ER is my favourite show on television but I think it's awfully
> peculiar
> that medical librarians should make such a fuss over such a trivial,
> fleeting half-moment on the show when Carol Hathaway tries to look
> something up and Dr. Green gives her a tip on searching.
> I don't even recall if it was specified that Medline was the database
> she was accessing.  Furthermore, later on, when she is all
> knowledgeable
> about the topic, she does not say what resources she checked as a
> result
> of her search.  If it was a Medline search, did she find one of the
> rare
> items whose full text is available online?  If not, wouldn't she have
> had to go to the medical library to read or request an interlibrary
> loan
> of the article?  Or is she basing her treatment on an abstract?
> Maybe she was searching an in-house full-text reference resource.  In
> that case, she would be well-informed but it would have nothing to do
> with Medline.
> The bottom line is, love it as I do, I think the show dissed (showed
> disrespect to) the medical informatics community by leaving any
> mention
> of a library out of the story.  It has always done this; it has never
> shown any awareness of the literature-driven nature of medical
> education, in training, treatment or continuing ed.  There was a
> mention
> that a search had turned up no papers for a case of reversed organs
> but
> where is the reality we all know?  We know that doctors presenting
> rounds, treating patients, and publishing papers need tremendous
> amounts of
> support from medical libraries but there's nary a mention of that in
> ER,
> even though they are supposedly an academic institution.
> And, by the by, as far as I'm concerned, the heroics I perform daily
> to
> verify and expedite  requests for journal and text literature are just
> as compelling and exciting as patching up GSWs to the abdomen.
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