Wow! the power of collective minds and experience - I was thrilled.

Thanks to all of you who contributed your favorite team building
resources upon my request early this month. All librarians love
bibliographies and since I was asked to share the results, here is a
great one :

           Source: Medlib; Sololib listservs
                      Nov. 26, 1997

Von Oech, Roger. A Whack on the side of the head. Harper Perennial.
Von Oech, Roger. A Kick in the seat of the pants. Harper Perennial.
[Both of these contain activities that illustrate and demonstrate

Scott. Achieving consensus: tools and techniques.

DuBrin, Andrew J. Breakthrough team player: becoming the M.V.P. on your
workplace team. NY: AMACOM, 1995.

Kayser, Thomas A. Building team power: how to unleash the collaborative
genius of work teams. Bur Ridge IL: Irwin Professional, 1994.

Buchholz Steve. Creating the high-performance team, 1987. (ISBN

Gardenswartz, Lee. Diverse teams at work. Chicago: Irwin Professional
Publishing, 1996.

Syer, John. How teamwork works: the dynamics of effective team
development. London:McGraw-Hill, 1996.

Ankarlo, Loren. Implementing self-directed work teams [videorecording]
Bolder CO:CareeerTrack, 1992. 3 vol.

Wellins, richard S. Inside teams.

Johnson, David W. Joining together: group theory and group skills. 6th
ed. Allyn & Bacon,1996 [Paperback]

Harrington-Mackin, Deborah. Keeping the team going: a tool kit to renew
and refuel your workplace. NY: AMACOM, 1996.

Williams, R. Bruce. More than 50 ways to build team concensus. Palatine
IL: Skylight,1993.

Schrage, Michael. No more teams! mastering the dynamics of creative
collaboration.$14.95 "Great book, I recommend it."

Blanchard. One minute manager builds high performing teams.

Clemmer, Jim. Pathways to performance: a guide to transforming yourself,
your team, and your organization. Rocklin CA: Prima Pub., 1995.

Pokrask, Sandy. Rapid team deployment: building high-performance project
teams.1995 (ISBN 1560523212)

Quick. Successful team building. American Management Assocation.

Team barriers: actions for overcoming the blocks to empowerment. Harper

Shonk, James H. Team-based organizations: developing a successful team
environment.Homewood IL: Business One Irvin, 1992.

Maddux, Robert B. Team building: an exercise in leadership. Rev. Ed. Los
Altos CA:Crisp Publications, 1986.

Sanborn Mark. Team building: how to motivate and manage people.
CareerTrack, Inc., [4 audiotapes]  1990 (800-440-7440) Contents : What
is a team, locate, educate, cooperate,communicate, motivate and

Dyer. Team building: issues and alternatives.

Nilson, Carolyn, Team games for trainers, McGraw-Hill, 1993. (ISBN
0070465886) Five out of 29 recommendations. Jungle Escape [game]
Organization Design and Development.

Pritchett, Price. Team member handbook for teamwork. Dallas TX:
Pritchett Pub. Co.,1992.

Pokras, Sandy. Team problem solving. Crisp Publications, l995.
Distributed by National Book Network (800-462-6420)

Ray, Darrel. Teaming up: making the transition to a self-directed, team
based organization.McGraw-Hill, 1995. Contents : Preparing for self
directed work teams, designing for self direction, a system for self
directed work teams and success stories.

Felkins. Teamwork: involving people in quality and productivity

The compleat facilitator: a guide. Madison WI: Howick Associates.

Scholtes, Peter R. The Team Handbook : how to use teams to improve
quality. Madison WI: Joiner Assoc., 1988. (ISBN 0962226408;
800-669-8326) Seven out of 29 Recommendations

Katzenback, Jon R. The wisdom of teams, Boston: Harvard Business School
Press, 1993.ISBN 0875843670.

Lipnack, Jessica. Virtual teams: reaching across space, time and
organizations with technology. NY: John Wiley, 1997.

Journal Articles

May, Douglas R. Developing effective work teams: guidelines for
fostering work team efficiency. Organization and development journal
1994 Fall; 12: 29-39.

Monty, Vivienne. Effective team building and personality types. Special
Libraries 1994 Winter; 85; 1-7.

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Magazine 1993 Jan; 12: 30-33.

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conduct for how team members treat each other. Public Personnel
Management 1995 Summer; 24: 127-32.

Farynk, Linda. The Golden Rule revisited: paraprofessionals and
professionals working together as  members of a team. The Southeastern
Librarian l995 Spring; 45: 10-13.

Stevens, Michael J. The knowledge, skill, and ability requirements for
teamwork: implications for human resource management. Journal of
Management 20: 503-30.

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