The things I never learned in library school...

Today's library advisory committee meeting reminded me of a recent comment one of the committee members (who is also one of our division heads) made regarding the shortage of space for our bound journal collection and the subsequent need to withdraw older volumes to make room for the newer ones.

He noted that in many cases "almost half" of any given journal is comprised of ads, and if we were to cut out those pages then the overall thickness of each journal would be significantly reduced, thereby saving considerable space on the shelves.

After eyeing him closely to make certain he was serious, I patiently (no pun intended) explained to him that although his request was a "good one," we unfortunately did not have the staff available to peruse the contents of every journal (we subscribe to over 350) and remove the pages containing the ads.  Moreover, I said I feared that doing so would cause the signature to come loose and affect the overall quality of the binding that would be done later, not to mention the loss of wanted pages as a result...

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