A Santa Clara, Calif. start-up company headed by former Novell CEO Bob
Frankenberg has unveiled its first product -- a software/hardware/services
system for setting up an electronic commerce Web site.  Dubbed "ego" (with
a small "e"), the system is designed for anyone with a basic knowledge of
PCs and some Internet exposure.  "When you take the box home, you hook it
to your PC, the software starts up, and it asks you 20 questions," says
Frankenberg.  "You fill in your company name, address, a description of
your business and other data.  The box will generate a Web site for you
and configure an e-mail server for up to 25 people."  Set-up should take
less than 30 minutes, and the system includes a firewall and a Java
Virtual Machine to add applets to Web pages.  Ego, made by Encanto
Networks Inc., will carry a base price of $995.  (Investor's Business
Daily 9 Dec 97)