Of course we have permission ! I can't imaging how anyone
would publish anything without asking the
author and publisher of the print version for their
permission first ! ( I thought this was
simple common sense.)

Many people write books to help to disseminate
their ideas more widely ( and not just to earn
money from book sales !) The Web is a superb medium
for them to reach out to many more people.

In any case, I doubt if it would adversely affect print
book sales - and may even increase them, as interested
readers learn of books they would never have encountered
otherwise, and order copies for reading at home.

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On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, MICHELYNN wrote:

> If this  is "the future of publishing" I hope you have the
> permission of the copyright owners of the material you
> have given out for free. Their lawyers may have a different
> opinion of what you have done.