Michelynn -

Here's another one where we are on the same wavelenght:

You picked up on a pet-peeve of mine - the lack of seamless access
between Serline/Docuser/Catline and Docline.  It is a pain to havae to
hang up and re-dial and hang up and reconnect.   We use the Serline and
Docuser  _a lot_ as locator tools (prt L) but often have to go ack into
Docuser to find out the Libid#, Fax #, and charges for ILL by those
locations.  I have no idea how one gets on thses databases via
internet, and will miss them  a-lot.  I told NLM this several times, also
told our regional office, since they were collecting opinions/feedback to
some decision making or whatever committee meeting just last week.

I am known by NLM as the one who always take pop-shots at them, and I keep
on telling them that they often ask or it, and have the nasty habit of
constantly ignoring us and of not listening, and then get angry when I
poke fun at their practices.

(How've you been?)

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