Hi, folks!

First, thanks to all the wonderful Medlibbers who responded to my
request for a Federal Register ILL.  Got it!

Next, I'm surveying hospital libraries - also academic health science
libraies - regarding library newsletters.  Please respond directly to
me (samples appreciated via snail mail); I will summarize for the
list if asked.


1.  Does your library currently produce a newsletter?

                yes _____      no _____

2.  If you have discontinued the practice, why? (check all that

               time-consuming _____
               cost _____
               not enough interest _____
               no writer on staff _____


3.  If you do publish a newsletter, what is its format?

               paper _____
               email/LAN _____
               web page _____


4.  What is its size?

               1 page front & back _____
               4 pages _____
               ___ #screens _____


5.  How often is it produced?

               weekly _____
               monthly _____
               quarterly _____
               semi-annually _____
               annually _____
               irregular issues _____

6.  Where is it circulated?  Check all that apply:

               in-house only _____
               regional libraries _____
               local community _____
               internet _____


7.  Regular columns/topics include (check all that apply):

               library hours_____          acquisitions_____
               contact persons_____      phone/fax/email_____
               staff news_____               special collections_____
               "want" lists_____              continuing ed news_____
               new services_____            feedback space_____
               internet URLs_____          search tips_____
               kudos/thanks_____          mini-surveys_____
               vacation notices_____      overdue reminders_____


8.  Your library staff includes (check all that apply):

               no professional staff _____
               solo librarian only _____
               paraprofessional(s) _____
               student(s)/volunteer(s) _____

Thanks - once again - for your assistance.

Anne C. Tomlin, Director
Professional Library Services
Auburn Memorial Hospital
17 Lansing Street
Auburn NY 13021

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315-255-7231  : phone
315-255-7012  : fax