Steve write... the last year... (29/12/97)..

Hey brothers... wake up... we need something to dialogue.. we need your

>Marshall Mcluhan pointed out decades ago the "law of new media":
>"The first content of new media is old media."  When we begin
>with something new, the first thing we do is what we are familiar
>with - the old. Right now, the internet is busy incorporating
>things we are familar with e-mail, file transfer, magazine and
>news, telephones and radio, video phones and television. The
>internet is experimenting with all of these.

I'm abssoluty accord. But I think Internet is a new reality, perharps have
something of old technology, but this is only the context. Outside is
similar than TV or another Mass Media system, but inside is new..

Well. And you... what think near this point?

See you..

Erick Iriarte
University Council of Catholic University of Peru