Our Florida gang is taking New Year's Day off to watch football, ice the
knees, and slather linament on the muscles.  (I think the minus 20 on the
thermometer this morning was the real clincher.)

The crowds were starting to thin out a bit at Pico yesterday.  Still no
serious lift lines, however.  By the time we got out onto the hill, around
10 AM, all the trails on the lower mountain were pretty well bumped up.  We
rode the lift with a patroller who said the entire mountain had been groomed
the night before.  The upper mountain remained in a fog until afternoon, but
there was plenty of traffic to the summit and everyone was reporting great
skiing on top.

Our gang wasn't quite ready to do the runs off the summit, but by afternoon
they were getting bored on the lower mountain.  They also remember the "old"
Pico, with the mid-mountain Glades Chair, and echoed my sentiment that the
mountain is a bummer now that that chair is gone.  We also noticed that one
of the nicer short trails off the lower quad, Panhandler, was roped off and
being mounded up as a snowboard park - thereby reducing the number of trails
available for skiers off the lower quad.  Very annoying - but I don't call
the shots.

We took a side-trip over the the Old Mill Marketplace at Bridgewater earlier
in the week and picked up a pair of used rental skis at the Northern Ski
Works outlet.  They had some older Atomics priced at $29 a pair and some
newer Elans for $99.  Great bargains for beginners and children and to have
an extra pair on hand!

The gang is looking forward to predicted warmer temps to finish up the week
on Friday.  (Hubby and I are looking forward to a return of empty slopes
next week!)

Cookie Melrose