OK...I've seen better (worse!) than this. I was at a ski area a few years
ago when I was just a newbie green circle type. I was skiing down this
little trail and the patrol comes down with a guy with a pole protruding
from his face. I spoke to a patroller later and he said the guy had manage
to break a pole and then do a face plant onto the end of the broken pole.
They couldnt remove the pole on scene so had to bring him down on the sled
with it sticking in his face.

That has GOTTA hurt!

Somehow I remember this being maybe at Wachusett? Dunno tho. Been a few

[End of gross story...we now return you to your regularly schedule
boilerplate (packed powder?) reports].

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Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 10:52 PM
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Snagged from The Boston Globe's site. I confess that fear of this
sort of thing happening helped keep me from taking up skiing earlier
than I did.



GILFORD, N.H. (AP)  A Massachusetts man says he narrowly escaped
death when he impaled himself on a ski pole in an accident at the
Gunstock Recreation Area.

Robert Poole, 51, of Westborough, Mass., was in good condition
Monday. He was hospitalized Sunday after he fell while skiing and the
pole went through his leg near the femoral artery in the groin.

The middle school counselor and basketball coach said in an interview
from his hospital bed Monday that he is lucky to have survived.
Doctors told him if the pole had hit the artery, the body's largest
blood vessel a quarter-inch away, he would have been dead before
rescuers could have brought him down the hill, he said.

Poole said he had gone down the hill about 50 yards and had slowed
down to let his wife, Ronnie, catch up with him when his right ski
went into a rut and he rolled.

``I wasn't even going that fast at all,'' he said. ``I saw one ski
lying several feet away and saw the other where it was. I said, `I
hope this is beside me,' but then realized I was in trouble.''