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Subject:       Re[2]: teaching IGM/PubMed today; follow-up to 1/12 talking
Medlib colleagues:  Here's my follow-up to NLM on Thursday's class.
I think it will help you with any lessons you may have planned, too.
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     thanks again for your recent communication. i will share it with
     selected nlm staff.

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Subject: Re: teaching IGM/PubMed today; follow-up to 1/12 talking
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Date:    1/15/98 9:35 PM

> Sheldon,  A quick note on today's class, Thursday, 1/15/98.  Also,
Larry also replied to the first.  He'll be in touch again next week,
I hope.  Today, I started with PubMed, and did 3/4 of the 3 hrs with
it.  With a new set of "follow-along" handouts, it went very well.
Like day to night for Thurs vs. Tuesday.  A couple of times PubMed
slowed, but overall, 9 or 10 machines responded well.  Also, if a
computer started the morning being slow, we just left it and jumped
to another one which responded properly.  About two or three changes,
and everyone had a "good" machine.  Then about 11:45 to 12:30 we did
IGM.  My machine was slow ("of course"), but the students' seemed to
go fine.  My did respond, however, if slowly at times.  None of them
stopped today.  With the PubMed experience under their belts, the
students looked at the limiting features of IGM and then moved up to
enter search terms.  That worked much better.  PubMed is much easier
to grasp and use for neophytes, and gives "meaning" to IGM.  We did
get the N(sb) and age group and publication type limits of IGM to
work, so that really demonstrated to the students the features I
wanted to show.
   Next week Tuesday and Thursday, same times 9:30-12:30  we'll
repeat today's plan.  I'll keep you posted.  I'll also post what I
learned to the Medlib-L.  There's been some positive response to my
message about my talk with you and Larr, and Dr. Lindberg's message
have helped librarians understanding.  I think we make progress.
   However, IGM sure needs upgrading to "compete" in the Internet
mode.  I was able to print PubMed computer screens for the classs
"handouts" but IGM wouldn't allow that to happen.  I am truly leaning
to using IGM only when necessary, after learning all possible with
PubMed searches, and applying what the student/user knows to IGM
search strategies.
   I hope this helps you some more.  I'd sure like to see good NLM
products, and would love to work with you for "reality tests" of
developments.  I'll share this note with Larry, too.

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