Two southern California librarians, Lucy Thomas (Cottage Hospital, Santa
Barbara) and Marion Sabella (Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Long
Beach) have been assisting with a project to find books and journals
from the 1960's and 1970's for an upcoming movie that includes a medical
school class setting. MEDLIB-L users are being asked for additional
assistance (and pls refer this request on to those not on MEDLIB-L!).
The contact person, Carol Krohn, (805) 969-1442, will gladly provide a
modest contribution for these donations and will pay for
shipping/handling (first class or UPS ground, please do not use Book
Rate).  If you have any of the needed books, Carol would like to hear
from you by phone by Monday, Feb 2 and can provide you an e-mail address
for additional correspondence.  25 copies are needed of the following:

Cecil-Loeb Textbook of Medicine, 13th ed. Philadephia, Saunders, 1971.
Single or two-volume set.
Clinical Immunology. Hagerstown, MD, Harper & Row, 1971.
Clinical Pharmacology: Basic Principles in Therapeutics. NY, MacMillan,
Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear, 11th ed. Philadelphia, Lea &
Febiger, 1969.
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 6th ed. New York,
McGraw-Hill, 1970. Single or two volume set.
The Principles and Practice of Medicine, 18th ed. NY:
Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1972.
The Principles of Biochemistry, 5th ed. NY, McGraw-Hill, 1973.
Principles of Surgery. Schwartz S (ed). NY, McGraw-Hill, 1969. Single or
two volume sets.

The address to send any books to is:
"Patch Adams"
Attn: Brad Einhorn
Treasure Island, Building 3
San Francisco, CA, 94130

Lucy and I appreciate anyone's time in checking collections, weeding
shelves, etc.

MARION SABELLA, Parks Library Resource Center, Long Beach Memorial
Medical Center, PO Box 1428, Long Beach, CA, 90801-1428, Ph: (562)
933-3851, Fax: (562) 981-1205, Email: [log in to unmask]