I think you will find the HOME (for several ages) in :
    Wong, Donna L and Whaley, Lucille F.  Clinical Manual of Pediatric
Nursing, 3rd ed.  Mosby, 1990.

They also suggest several other assessment tools for child/infant

   If you don't have above, HOME is "available for a fee" from:
       Center for Research on Teaching and Learning
       College of Education
       University of Arkansas at Little Rock
       2801 S. University Avenue
       Little Rock, AK  72204
       (501) 569-3422

Pamela A Y Shigezawa wrote:
>         One of our physicians is looking for copies of these
> scales/instruments for possible use in the hospital.  Unfortunately, I was
> unable to come up with examples. I had zero results in medline, psyclit &
> the Internet.  We will reimburse any xeroxing expenses. Any help or
> direction to a source would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
> Respiratory Distress Assessment Instrument
> Home Observation for Measurement of Environment Scale
> Parent-Caregiver Involvement Scale.
> Pamela Shigezawa
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