Could you post any answers to your bedside on-demand request on

     Also, do you know of any companies who do interactive patient
     education software? A newly-diagnoses diabetes patient could go to the
     CHI library to access this learning tool.  Any ideas?

     Heard you at Seattle in May--thanks for all your contributions.

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Subject: ? Patient Education Programs delivered at bedside ?
Author:  Medical Libraries Discussion List
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Date:    1/20/98 8:19 AM

Evanston Hospital Multidisciplinary Pt. Ed. Committee is seeking
information on the kind and type kind of programs that can be delivered
directly to patient bedside, on demand (geared to a particular patient's
needs/interest).  It can be either educational or entertainment, but with
emphasis on educational.

We are interested in the _system_ to run such programs (computer based,
centralized TV, Cable etc. and would appreciate identification of
institutions that already have such systems or are in process of
installing one.  A contact person's name will be most appreciated. as
this is a Committee project and is to go through "channels".  Forwaard
information to my attention, please, via e-mmail, fax surface mail, and
please praovide a phone number.

Vendors are requested to forward information packets to my attention at
address given below.  Please do not FAX nor call, just use the good old
US mail.


Dalia Kleinmuntz  (Atten: Pt. Ed. Comm)
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Evanston Hospital
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