The library is open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p,m, Monday - Friday.  I am only
     there 7:30 - 4:00.  It is unstaffed at other times.  Hospital staff
     can get in at other times by calling Security who checks their badges
     and then will let them in.  This system have worked well for the 11
     years I have been at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center.  Books and
     journals disappearing has been very minor.  By the way I an an
     one-person library.

     Cecelia Delbridge
     Mississippi Baptist Medical Center
     122 North State Street
     Jackson, MS  39202
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Subject: Hospital libraries - hours?
Author:  <[log in to unmask]> at Internet
Date:    1/21/98 8:29 AM

Hi Hospital Librarians

I am interested in finding out if any of your libraries are open for hours
other than 8.00am-4.30pm Monday-Friday.  I am especially interested in
small-medium hospitals, but other input would be appreciated.  Also, if you
are open longer than the standard "40-hour week" what mix of staff do you
use to cover these hours if you have only one professional librarian?

Thank you all!

Jane Thomsen
Medical Librarian, Carson-Tahoe Hospital
775 Fleischmann Way, PO Box 2168
Carson City, Nevada 89702-2168
Ph:(702)885-4358    Fax:(702)883-5063
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