Yo Glenn!

Congrats!  Talking about a kid coming into the cold, cruel world!....God bless 
mis-Managed care.

(It's worse here in CA!)

Richard Schiff
University of Arizona MLS Class O' 93

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To all my medlib-l friends and colleagues:  Tehilla Rachel Ferdman was born last Thursday morning, weighing 7lbs 4oz.  Mother and baby are doing fine.  Dad could use a little more sleep, though.  ;)

An "interesting" managed care aside:  we were "entitled" to one home care nurses visit, BUT since our pediatrician didn't have admitting privileges where my wife gave birth, a colleague of his examined the baby at the hospital.  The examining doctor refused to ok the referral for the home care visit, since he's not affiliated with our HMO, and our pediatrician refused on the grounds that he hadn't yet examined the baby!!  But, why was I not surprised?

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